De Jeweetwels / The You-Know-Who (documentary)

Twelve actors that are mentally challenged meet up with twelve young actors that are not. For eight days, they work together towards the play: “Flood – A Perfect Day”. This documentary shows a theatrical process that blurs the line between acting and reality.

​Directed by: Fokke Baarssen
Concept: Jeroen Kriek
Executive producer: Ingvild Molenaar
Camera: Jelle Tigchelaar, Jasper de Vries, Fokke Baarssen
Music by: Thomas Bernard Hengeveld
Editing by: Fokke Baarssen
PR: Kelly de Haan

Actors of Theater Young Ones
Actors of Theater Totaal

Screenings & Awards:
WINNER: Best International Short Documentary – Garden State Film Festival 2015
NOMINATION: Best Documentary – Eindhovens Film Festival 2015